Monday, January 18, 2010

mr. godfrey ho

more movie talk. j-temp previously listed some movie-watcher types, but i wanted to add the titular director to the conversation, godfrey ho of hong kong, maker of such beautiful classics as "robo vampire"; "ninja: extreme weapons" and "robo-kickboxer -- power of justice".

real fast, because i'm running out of internet: ho's genius was that he would shoot one very short movie (usually with british or american actors, for international distribution), and then buy the rights to an unfinished or otherwise unavailable asian film, and fuse the two together with editing and a dubbed script. the movies didn't make too much sense, and he had no problem frankenstein-ing two films from completely different countries, but as a result of this process, at his peak ho was capable of releasing over a dozen movies EACH YEAR!

one absolute classic: "ninja: the protector". it's the story of three cops trying to break one of hong kong's notorious money-counterfeiting/ninja clubs. it's also the story of a young man, a would-be model, who gets seduced by the bright lights and small titties of hong kong's fashion scene. he gets laid on the beach a lot, and the head cop is also a ninja who cracks the case and beats all the other ninjas.

the film was released in 1986. here's what else godfrey ho released that year:
Bionic Ninja
Ninja Ultimate Challenge
Clash of the Ninjas
Diamond Ninja Force
Golden Ninja Warrior
Ninja Destroyer
Ninja Dragon
Ninja Fantasy
Ninja Hunt
Shaddow Killers Tiger Force
The Ninja Squad
The Ultimate Ninja
Tough Ninja the Shadow Warrior

that's more than one full length movie every month. to godfrey ho, king of quantity not quality!

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