Saturday, October 13, 2012

phootball phriday: saturday

49ers will beat the giants because the niners are playing perfect football and the giants are banged up on both sides of the ball and will not be able to contain san fran's rushing attack for more than a quarter or two.

the seahawks will beat the patriots in one of those classic "how the fuck did the patriots lose to that team?" games.  seattle has a pass defense that can cause problems, marshawn lynch can chew up enough clock to keep brady off the field, and new england's still shitty secondary will blow a few coverages for big plays.  the patriots will return home to demolish the jets next week and everyone will forget about this strange loss.

bills will upset the cardinals because fitzpatrick is crazy enough to go right after patrick peterson, and in spite of peterson's obviously superlative athletic ability, like almost every corner he occasionally struggles to find the ball in coverage.  look for stovepipe stevie johnson to have a big day, kolb to throw an interception or two, and cj spiller to break a big play in the second half, tipping the scales in unhappy buffalo's favor.

finally, the texans will beat the packers because the packers have a terrible offensive line that won't at all be able to stop jj watt, who is playing out of his fucking mind.

so far this season i'm 3-5, for those keeping score at home.