Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Too Good to be True

I briefly mentioned Kids Incorporated this past week. And then I found this little slice of heaven.

These kids were born to rock your socks off of your feet! And what's that in the corner but a gorgeous key-tar, surely pumping out some sweet synthesized goodness!

Also, what similarity do the blonde girl sitting front and center,and the tiny Asian girl in the back share?

If you said, "It's the motherf-ing tambourine!" then you are right my friends!

Once again, the pure innocence of the tambourine brings together cultures to create a very denim, very tiny kind of world, where all children are musical prodigies with type A personalities.

Eat it Mickey Mouse Club!

And eat it Mickey, you'll never conquer us!!!
Why do you want to destroy our great nation of America, Mickey?

You dirty traitor rat! You'll never succeed!!!

Your blind optimism will get you nowhere, Benedict Arnold!
Also, stop flying your UFO's over our crops. Every last acre is necessary
to keep the Great Nation thriving! Also, no more anal probing!

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