Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's been a long couple of posts, this one will be brief. As much as it may sound like I want to physically harm these critics, I don't. Sometimes I just want to read a record review that talks about the music.

In these glorious days of watered-down media that is shared between 5 huge companies, it's easy for stuff to fall through the cracks.

Like this guy, being swallowed from all sides by a ridiculously great drum set up. That guy's gonna have to get to makin' some drummin' babies or most of the those drums will go through life without ever being touched.

In order to play all of these drums, the stickman would have to held in midair by cables so he could hover and glide around. Not sure how he would man the kick, but who gives.

Stuff I've been listening to lately:

Pearls Before Swine: Amazing late 60's to mid 70's acid folk. The original masters were lost a while ago, so if you want to hear what your parents blazed to, find the vinyl. Otherwise, the CD I have of the first two records is great (try to avoid wasting the money and get them together, fool!). One Nation Underground and Balaklava are both packed with obscure goodies, like the ghostly clavinet on "Another Time" and the broken-down garage of "Uncle John", coupled with the power of "I Saw the World" as Rapp calls and a full orchestra responds. Aging acid-heads can't be wrong!

Neil Young - On the Beach

I don't just like that Neil 'cause he hates critics. This record is almost flawless in my mind. The mood of the music, the talent of the players, the emotional depth of the songs, it's all here. Coupled with one of Neil's best album covers, song for song you can't do better. Graham Nash stops by to blaze and play electric keys on the title track, Rusty Kershaw plays some unbelievably beautiful microphone-knocking fiddle, and half of the The Band make "Vampire Blues" shudder and stomp. Neil actually chased super-engineer Al Schmidt away from the recordings with his band's antics. Made under the influence of honey sliders (pot cooked in a lot butter and honey), this record kicks ass and takes names, and then the second side lets you float into the sea with all of your friends.

J Dilla - Donuts

This record just keeps growing and growing on me. It's bar none the best hip-hop record of last year, despite Clipse's attempts to win my heart over with their crack deal swagger. Almost 40 tracks, packed to the brim with more ideas than 20 Neptunes records put together, all with the now-familiar chugging beats and swirling psychedelic neo-soul grind. I can't start my day with hearing "Workinonit", it just doesn't happen. Even though it sounds dense, the beats are usually simple as all hell. As my good friend Jonathan would say, Soooooooooooooooooooo good.

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