Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big Things Floppin'

What a weekend it's been. I'm sure none of you are interested in what I did this weekend. If you look to your right, my activity of choice is noted.

If I still had any copies of Arkanoid 2: Revenge of the Doh I would've been on that shit as well.

Let's see, I just wanted to clarify the randomness that has ensconsed the previous posts. This blog is meant to satisfy some specific hungers besides the obvious. Life is fun and full of funnery. The internet has created a surplus of this inanity.

Plus, this guy.

This guy is the greatest, and fuck you for thinking any other way.

Anyways, because this is a site set up to make fun of bad reviews, I feel it's appropriate to set down my opinions so, after I'm done skewering someone for inserting their opinions into a review, you can see mine, and then become confused. I've recently got some comments. This means that I have some research to do.

More reviews to be pilfered! More critics to be reviled!

Also, to say Coldplay is passable is playing into their hands. Their music is just that. The obvious is being stated.

Coldplay is Passable as Radiohead is Good

Can you tell that I almost failed out of math?

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