Friday, September 7, 2007

Britney Spears' Vagina

please excuse the title. just trying to get some google hits.

when music critics describe something as "catchy", do they mean the same thing that film critics do when they say "edge of your seat"?
think about it: a song is catchy when a few seconds lodge themselves in your brain. forgetting the bulk of the song is not coincidental; it's part of the formula (see the shockingly mediocre verses of "cry me a river" or "what if god was one of us").
similarly, "edge of your seat" means the chases, explosions, and last twenty minutes of the film are very exciting. again, if most of the movie is forgettable, that means the action sequences are MORE memorable, MORE edge-of-your-seat.

epilogue: has anyone ever sat on the edge of their seat in a movie theater?


J. Temperance said...

Another "catchy" song: Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten". You know, that really boring typical pop song that has that "Feel the rain on your skin..." chorus? The verse is just a drone on one chord, as if you should actively avoid listening to that part of the song. Because it all leads up to that fucking hook.

Also, because I'm tall, I have had to sit on the "edge of my seat." i start uncontrollably slouching about an hour into any cinematic endeavor, and that shit is painful.

Uticas said...

i've often said that the world was made for white men shorter than six foot two