Monday, September 3, 2007

And to our left is Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band. This must have been a ridiculously great time, even with the rumors of a prison-like experience while rehearsing for Trout Mask Replica. Whatevs, the dude on the right with the 'fro is the shit.

You'll then notice John French, the man under the bridge at the bottom of the photo.

The man knows how to play the drums, but my true turning point was a cut from the Mirrorman Sessions. "Kandy Korn" is an epic ride, guided by the thumping and cracking drums, jangly guitar patterns and strange, brief group vocals.

John French drums like a man possessed, and indeed, he probably was. Eventually, because of Christ's calling/being broke, French left the Magic Band and disappeared into relative anonymity.

He stormed back for the brilliant Doc at the Radar Station. Becoming disenchanted once more, Beefheart's chief musical lieutenant pulled out, never to play with him again.

Only the drum set-up remains...

Alright, I couldn't find one of those dorky diagrams, but whatevs, the dude fucking rules, even as an old man.

This post is quickly dissolving into nothing.

Quick, look at this!

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