Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I've found a new low!

Just how short can a record review be? Four sentences, you say? Three?

Try two sentences.

Enjoy as Allmusicguide's William Ruhlmann gives us an overzealous account of Ultravox's Eno-produced debut.

"John Foxx proves to have an odd, Bowie-influenced vision, here aided and abetted by Brian Eno (then a Bowie crony) and Steve Lillywhite. "My Sex" and "I Want to Be a Machine" are standouts."

Notice the bizarre reference to cronyism (Eno is regarded as Bowie's crony? How/Why?). And while it's helpful that William chooses two cuts as high points, he fails to provide a rudimentary explanation in reference to:

1. the music
2. lyrics
3. the sound quality
4. group interplay
5. sequencing

These are all simple elements that make up a music review. Where are they? How do they go missing? Why?

For shame, allmusic, for shame.

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