Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WTF, OMG, guys, Serious

This is just strange. What a weird year 2007 was, and 2008 has come and the direction of rock music is indiscernible. We've seen indie-shmindie, twee, indie dance, indie pop, indie rap, indie-cross-over, indie metal, indie industrial, and indie rock, of course.

It's been over 30 years since the seeds of this now bland, watered-down amalgamation first touched the inner ears of the disenfranchised youth. To celebrate, I'm planning on listening to a Sebadoh record, followed up immediately with Pitchfork's new best music selection. Supposedly the album is made up of home recordings! Sound familiar?????

- M.I.A.'s sophomore mash "Kala" received album of the year from Rolling Stone. Really? Album of the year? I mean, yeah, she's a lot better than some of her RnB, rap, and rock contemporaries, but I refuse to believe that there wasn't a better album out there. Where's my Nickelback nomination? Didn't they release an album? Seven Mary Three? How about them? Anyone?

- When will the Edge release a solo album? Son of a bitch just stands back there with the digital delay left on, swinging his arms and being bald. Also, how about The Edge and Larry Mullen re-make a popular television theme song turned major motion picture? Get Smart seems the perfect fit for some horrible electro-pop stylings...

- Eminem is still alive, and I still don't give a damn. He was overrated/still is. I read something recently where he was cited as the 21st century's most important artist. I started to laugh, and then I felt angry, kind of like having a great satisfying fart only to realize your crush is walking up to you and your fume.

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