Thursday, January 24, 2008

A brief look into past angry finger-pointing

A long time ago, I was angry at Pitchfork. Big surprise, I know. They were in the midst of a huge Deerhunter campaign, attempting to mention the band at least once a day at some points last year. So I wrote a ridiculous rant that in effect accused Kranky Records and Pitchfork of collusion. Well, looking back through comments the other week I found this response, from a certain "Mr. Kranky":

whether or not someone likes a particular release is all subjective. but "collusion"? an empty claim since p-fork champions no other bands we work with, and we have not given them a single advertising dollar since their inception. so where is the evidence that we have collaborated with them on hyping this band? it only exists in your imagination.

mr. kranky

September 11, 2007 10:07 AM

Whoops. Looks like I hit a nerve. To clear up the issue, I was indeed making an empty assumption. I didn't care for the band's "Cryptograms", nor the subsequent fawning over said album. I was angry a band lost a member due to over-exposure, something any supposed taste-maker should be able to control. Who knows, it might've been Kranky records actually scolding us. But, something tells me it may be one of my friends (yes, I have friends, at least, as far as you know)trying to convince me that the site is actually being read. Read this section in particular:

"an empty claim since p-fork champions no other bands we work with..."


how about Godspeed You Black Emperor? How about Low? How about Stars of the Lid? How about Chris Herbert? How about Out Hud?

C'mon, that's just a lie. Godspeed's the most obvious of them all, but all of this is besides the point. I rescind my accusation, I really don't think there's any collusion going on. I've always enjoyed Kranky releases (some more than others, obviously) and it's good to see a label that supports experimental bands still alive and kicking.*

Uticas, good to see you back. Otherwise, we would've sunk into a horrible bog of drum boners, keytars and Nickelback references. Actually, that doesn't sound too bad at all...

* I still reserve the right to accuse Pitchfork of collusion, only because it's Pitchfork**

** Well, unless we are sued for defamation, at which point, no way, it was PITCHFORK that accused US of collusion***

*** Get your facts straight before you sue us, you pompous ass-faces!****

**** This is not funny anymore*****

***** It's just obnoxious

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