Thursday, December 27, 2007

Slander is Fun, When Fact-Based

If yer going to leave a nasty comment about someone on this site, please provide some background info as to why you feel this way.

Calling people names is fun, but infantile without appropriate context.

If you are going to call me a pussy, for instance, that's not good enough. It's not funny and rather sloppy. Tell me why I am a pussy.

Maybe you love and you're sick of my tired quarrels.

Perhaps you love the overuse of adjectives and aural derivatives.

Mayhaps you loved that Of Montreal album.

In which case, you and I disagree about a lot of fundamental ideologies, and wouldn't it be more fun to dissect why each other's opinions are absolutely baseless rather than sling random ass mud? Maybe not. This is the internets we be talkin bout.


Anonymous said...

Actually I fully agree with the Temperance assessment of the year-end list by that shit factory known as Pitchfork. Evan seemed to me to be defending the lifestyle-maker's call on the alleged brilliance of Animal Collective's "Strawberry Jam", while simultaneously lamely attempting to rag on J.Temperance for castigating the record's lack of originality in the wake of Panda Bear's "Person Pitch". Evan seemed like the committed Pitchfork reader here, brushing tears of indignation out of his eyes as he thought about the injustice of your comments regarding Animal Collective lagging behind Panda Bear.

So sorry for trying to defend your point with silliness. Will stick to eloquence from here on out.

And boy oh boy do I loathe Of Montreal.

Evan said...

i'm confused about how "anonymous" interpreted my two comments.

Temperance was surprised by the fact that although Panda Bear's record was in the vein of Animal Collective's work, it outshone it. I was simply saying that that wasn't surprising since his first record, "Young Prayer," sounded like Animal Collective.

I disagree with Temperance about Person Pitch being No.1, but only because of a song like "Carrots." This song sticks out like a sore thumb. Its 3 sections that simply fade into each other seemed to hint that Panda wanted to be a DJ, crossfading away (and his live show went even further to prove this, as every single song was crossfaded into the next). This isn't interesting to me, thus in my mind the record can't be number one.

"Strawberry Jam" on the other hand has some really great Avey tracks and some surprisingly weak Panda tracks. The production work on a song like "Chores" isn't delicate enough. When it slows down, the mix is so middy and foggy, that instead conjuring a happy, stoned walk through the rain in Spain, one gets a claustrophobic paranoid stoned sound. Nevertheless, that's just how I hear it.

Neither of this records is no.1, though. They're both fun, but both flawed.

Sorry I didn't explain myself better before!

Delta said...

Good words.