Monday, October 15, 2007

various things

a fellow i recently went through great pains to slime has just written a lovely article about battles' live show. if you haven't heard "mirrored" (my favorite of the year), you should. if you have heard their recordings, but have not seem them live, you should. these are four adventurous, tasteful, and above all spectacular musicians operating at the top of their game. "independent" music doesn't often get much better than this, and i'm very pleased to see that critics are actually giving them the praise they deserve ("math-rock" is usually little more than a punch line).

on a tangential note, i noticed that j-temp had to explain our project all over again (as if the picture at the top weren't crystal clear). allow me to add that if i can aggravate critics to one tenth of the degree that they aggravate musicians, i will consider my efforts successful.

finally, i've recently been working at a job that requires me to wake up much earlier than a lazy human being ever should. on account of this, my interneting has waned, and the blog hasn't been kept up (i haven't even ripped the new fiery furnaces record yet). fortunately for me -- and for my vast throng of loyal readers -- that job has been replaced by one that is much easier on this ol' sloth. regular vitriol will return shortly. in the mean time, enjoy this bit of the funny.

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