Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Brief Fungasm

I have very limited access to the interwebertory these days, but I'd just like to remind all the 8 readers of this blog:

This website is based on the idea of criticizing criticism. Take things personally if you must, that's kind of the point.

If you find something you dislike about our criticisms of criticisms, critique us. Sometimes we'll criticize your critique of our critiques of someone's criticism, and other times we'll nod and say, "Oh yeah, solid point." Make us think twice the next time we hate on Interpol.

Never mind. Don't do that. Carlos D is a turd.


Evan said...

What are your thoughts about critiques that "take the subject personally?" Obvsly every element of a critique seems personal, from the expectations to the method of listening to the record, etc. But what of the emotional tone? Your critiques tend to be overtly negative (certainly not unnecessarily). And although you do point out some positive aspects when they occur, there's a lot of venom splatting about. Do you feel critiques should stay away from the emotional? That would make it harder for there to be quotes that criticized you for being harsh.

Not that I think this blog is all about Seriousness. I think the rage you dole out to the critics (abstract) is justified.

Shatraw said...

i'm confused. are you getting hate mail?

evan said...

The first commentator of "top ten ways to bury your head in your ass" didn't feel that the list in question deserved scrutiny.