Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Go Neil!!

Props of the day to Mr. Drum Boner himself, Neil Peart, who was named by Blender as the second worst lyricist in rock! Only the mighty Sting himself rated higher (lower?), and while I haven't seen a full list, this tidbit from Reuters is a pure delight:

Blender described Canadian rocker Peart's lyrics as "richly awful tapestries of fantasy and science."

Pretty much, yeah.

God, I want to listen to "Marathon" right now.


Charles said...

2nd place is definitely harsh, especially when considering that he's above Ben Gibbard.

Best Rush moment ever comes at about 3:18...


J. Temperance said...


Who else is going to write lyrics for them, Geddy? He's too busy having long hair and being Canadian. And singing.

charles said...


Dude, Neil Peart isn't even on their first album--who wrote the lyrics to 'Working Man?'

Hungover, sketchy-looking Englishman sends his regards...