Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh God Just Do Some Research!!!

As part of yesterday's Pitchfork headlines: My Bloody Valentine Reunion!

Hooray and all, but goddamn it can you try not to propagate a popular myth?!?

People, it's on. Dust off your tremolo pedals, don your best pair of kicks, and get ready to gaze like its 1991.

Do you know how many guitar pedals Kevin Shields used, even on Loveless? One, the Yamaha XPS 90. According to old Kev, he used pure volume and the built in tremolo bar in his Fender Jaguar as well.

He does not use a fucking tremolo pedal. A tremolo pedal causes the actual sound to cut in and out. I can't remember A SINGLE MBV song that uses the the tremolo pedal effect.

This is what made MBV technically superior to its shoegaze counterparts. Ride, Slowdive, Lush, they were fucking made of guitar pedals as far as I'm concerned.

MBV did it better and with only two guitars usually. Overdubs were for pussies.

I know you were trying to be clever, but do some research. It's a tremolo BAR, not a pedal. There is a huge difference.


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Pancho said...

Wow dude,

This is like the time my friends started freaking out because Jeff Mangum was supposedly making new music--turned out it was just a suckfork-propagated hoax...

The tremolo pedal party is actually kind of charming--hipsters playing make believe that they're musicians!

Guess who else hasn't released an album since 1991? Starts with 'Guns'...