Tuesday, February 2, 2010

stop - grammy time

i think we all knew beyonce was destined for greatness the first time she asked us "charlie, how your angels get down like that?"

in other news, lady gaga has taken a job as the creative director for polaroid, a company which has no factories left in the united states. this is actually true.

apparently this year's grammys had 25.8 million viewers, a 35% increase over last year, and the highest ratings since 2004. the new york times says of the ratings boost that it "affirms the appeal of pop glitz at a time of plummeting record sales," so that's okay then. (i remember popping a glitz once and it actually sounded kind of like "pokerface".)

related joke: someone should do a song about blowjobs, under the alias "lady gag", called "poke her face".

whew all over the place today, time to break out the topper, a dancing butt.

and that's what i was watching instead of the grammys.

(butt dance, via Spinster aunt



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