Friday, August 1, 2008

Slowly. Slowly. Take it All In.

This drumset is 308 pieces. 308. Three hundred and eight. Separate. Drums.

I've had my share of drum-related pant tents, but good god does this inspire the ultimate rager. There is simply no way in holy hell that a drummer could properly play on this set. Mostly, I imagine a lot of desperate flailing, and many attempts at the longest descending-note tom fill. Ever.

I mean, let's give you a little perspective. Here's Terry Bozzio's kit:

This drum kit pushed the limits of time and space for me already. Count the foot pedals: 15 can be assumed (some of them are blocked by 1 of 22 toms in his set-up). This kit can be played but only Bozzio or perhaps Keith Moon on adderol. Maybe.

But 308 pieces?! I wanted to delve further into this urban legend, so I of course checked Youtube. You are not going to believe what I found.

DO YOU BELIEVE?! DO YOU! That, dear friends, is a drum boner. Flaming helmet indeed!

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